North Carolina Sprawl


Background, Sources, and Methodology

(A) Population and Sprawl in Each North Carolina County (1982-2017)

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Table 1. Sprawl in 49 States, 1982-2017, Ranked by Increase in Land Area
Sprawl Ranking 1982-2017 State Overall Sprawl (in square miles), 1982-2017
Total 68,560

Source: 2017 NRCS National Resources Inventory; Table 1
Note:  Includes all states except Alaska; does not include territories

(A) Population and Sprawl in Each North Carolina County (1982-2017)

(B) How North Carolina Compares With Other States

(C) The Threat to North Carolina Wildlife

(D) Importance of Nature to Rejuvenate Human Residents

(E) Sources of North Carolina Population Growth

(F) Sprawl Data Sources

(G) Per Capita Land Consumption

(H) Methodology for Apportioning Shares of Sprawl

(I) Undermining the 30x30 Conservation Vision

(J) Denser Living Didn’t Stop Loss of Open Space

(K) The Authors